Company Overview

Starting from being a housing builder in 1986, our current expertise includes construction of townships and large housing developments, mining services, roads and dams, infrastructure works (utilities) building of warehouses and heavy industrial facilities.


The confidence of our client base has encouraged us to extend our services into new markets within the sub-region. In 2011, we established a new company in Nigeria (Parakuo Engineering Nigeria Ltd) whereby we shall be applying our unique style of management to provide a good quality product at a competitive price.

Our strategy enables us to achieve our ambitions for continued growth by applying excellence in performance, responsible fiscal management and accountability in every corporate practice.


Over the years, our customer base in Ghana has increased to over 2,800 clients. These include multinational, government and public bodies as well as members of the private sector.

Parakuo ensures that this momentum is maintained. Our team of competent Engineers, Planners, and Financial Analysts is our 'back-bone' and ensures that professionalism and customer service is maintained at all times.

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